Friday, February 20, 2009

Fridayyy !

Okay, blog is for myself &whoever wants to read (: i'm just going to start this to vent, post pictures, etc. I had a rough day yesterday so i'm pretty tired today.. but i'm thankful for my boyfriend who loves and cares for me (= and supports me through everything! thank you babe. so today i ate mcdonald's again ugh :[ & spent more money.. basically on 2 hairclips and stud earrings from h&m. i had already spent lotsa money on the MAC hello kitty collection and i'm going broke! monday is my birthday so i hope i get some cashhh? haha (= anyways, i love music. musical therapy is so comforting (: right now i'm listening to all time low, three days grace, and motown rofl (= okay well i think i'm being stupid talking about nothing but that's fine i suppose.

some goals i'd like to meet:
-build confidence!
-take driver's test and pass
-peekaboo highlights!
-stop spending so much money
-be calm &smart when it comes to dealing with angry people
-help bf around the house
-be happy (=

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  1. Those are some good goals. Guess what I bought my peekaboo hair dye today @ Rite-Aid. 2 for $5! :)