Friday, February 27, 2009


This is just a light pink/yellow look I did
nothing much (:
I shoulda packed on more color &learn to use liner..

Well anyways, I did this look a couple of days ago (: with the 96 color palette my bf got for me<3 thank you boo! (: Anyways.. have a nice day! *I don't talk a lot.. I'm always at a lost for words.. haha

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Haul

These are most of the things I got from the MAC hello kitty collection (: in addition, I got Pink Fish tinted lip conditioner and Mimmy Lipglass. I'm in a rush so I'll post more later

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today, my mother &I went to downtown together and actually hung out. We browsed around shops and I went to look at MAC because I wanted the hello kitty makeup bag but sure enough, they were sold out. We browsed along some more, and I saw a huge Hello Kitty MAC poster hanging inside sanrio and i ran in (= and they had the makeup bag I've been wanting (: the largest one was sold out so I got the medium (: which I still love<3 and my mom bought it for me as part of my birthday gift ^^* After, my mom had starbucks and I had jamba juice and we got cream puffs &an eclair which is ohh soooo good<3333 (: Later we went to H&M and got a buy one get one free cardigan, so I got the black one and she got the pink. Then we went to Safeway `cause being the fatass that I am, I wanted snacks. I got pizza rolls, chimichangas, chocolate chip waffles (:, and rice cakes. yummiess^^*

that's it for nowwwww time to study :'[

Saturday, February 21, 2009

1 year &3 months<3

It's been One year and three months that my bf &I have been together<3 I'm so happy with him and I love him soo much<3 I hope he reads this ^^* haha<33 anyways I'm not going to say much because I'm tired and sick :[ &craving a smoothie! :[

Currently watching: Someday (= (Korean Drama) *for the second time<3

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fridayyy !

Okay, blog is for myself &whoever wants to read (: i'm just going to start this to vent, post pictures, etc. I had a rough day yesterday so i'm pretty tired today.. but i'm thankful for my boyfriend who loves and cares for me (= and supports me through everything! thank you babe. so today i ate mcdonald's again ugh :[ & spent more money.. basically on 2 hairclips and stud earrings from h&m. i had already spent lotsa money on the MAC hello kitty collection and i'm going broke! monday is my birthday so i hope i get some cashhh? haha (= anyways, i love music. musical therapy is so comforting (: right now i'm listening to all time low, three days grace, and motown rofl (= okay well i think i'm being stupid talking about nothing but that's fine i suppose.

some goals i'd like to meet:
-build confidence!
-take driver's test and pass
-peekaboo highlights!
-stop spending so much money
-be calm &smart when it comes to dealing with angry people
-help bf around the house
-be happy (=