Monday, June 29, 2009

BoA at SF PRIDE 09 (:

June 28, 2009 SF PRIDE 09

waking up.. 8 o clock.. arriving by 9 30.. walking around blocks looking for the stage.. waiting till 12.. hot hot weather.....

Ridiculous weather.. crowded..almost fainted twice.. no food or water.. cramped and squished.. lost my spot twice.. guy with snake took my spot along with his fellow friends.. ><".. sigh*..8 hours standing up in a huge crowd of people with loud music.. then BoA shows up.. finally.

foot cramp.. stomach ache.. headache.. sweat.. the smell of weed.. the surrounding of drunk people with tons of pride.. =/ ah.....

but i got to see my best friend who i rarely see at all and was up close in 2nd row watching BoA perform.. truly amazing.. she looks flawless!

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