Friday, November 13, 2009


i'm going to be using tumblr now.. if anyone sees this, here's the link (:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAC Sumo Haul


things i bought;
-wedge e/s pro pan
-e/s pro palette
-eversun blush
-239 brush
-168 brush *FINALLY got this brush after being swaplifted once for it.. and the other one being lost in the mail.. -_______<"!!

* my other MAC shadows are somewhere else right now.. so these are the ones i use daily (: wedge is in second row; middle

Monday, June 29, 2009

BoA at SF PRIDE 09 (:

June 28, 2009 SF PRIDE 09

waking up.. 8 o clock.. arriving by 9 30.. walking around blocks looking for the stage.. waiting till 12.. hot hot weather.....

Ridiculous weather.. crowded..almost fainted twice.. no food or water.. cramped and squished.. lost my spot twice.. guy with snake took my spot along with his fellow friends.. ><".. sigh*..8 hours standing up in a huge crowd of people with loud music.. then BoA shows up.. finally.

foot cramp.. stomach ache.. headache.. sweat.. the smell of weed.. the surrounding of drunk people with tons of pride.. =/ ah.....

but i got to see my best friend who i rarely see at all and was up close in 2nd row watching BoA perform.. truly amazing.. she looks flawless!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

(: oh hi

style warriors lot (: ermm.. brave new bronze, purple rite, sunsational, liberated, gold rebel, refined golden (:

tempting and shadowy lady quads

i'm so glad my tempting quad isn't lost!! so prettty ^^*!

random pictures/haul

sigh* must save money for upcoming mac collections!!

&must get a jobbbbbbbbbb !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just a few notes for myself

i finally got a new computer (: and am able to run call of duty world at war !(: i loveeeeeee it <33333333

and i also passed my driver's test. yay license (:

so far i'm okay.. i'm thinking about slowing down on swapping. can't afford to go to the post office so many days a week and it gets confusing tracking all the swaps in process.. so i'm gonna slow it down, save some money, find time to work out and possibly lose some weight as welll -________-" i've been eating so much junkies when i shouldn't have. sigh* then i should clean my room and get everything organized so my room and my life isn't such a complete mess.

Monday, May 18, 2009

claire de lune e/s received from swap (:

NARS orgasm blush.. actually a very gorgeous color <3

NARS Surabaya duo.. i loveeeeeee this! especially the color on the left

Naked You MSF LE.. very pretty in the pan (: haven't tried it yet but it looks really glittery

blooming blush &prism blush <3

just some things / pictures to post on my blog to remember what i got from swapping
finals are almost overrr and it's almost summer ^^*

goals for break/summer;
-exercise, diet, exercise!!
jump rope, jumping jacks, running, walking, climbing..everything!!
-save some cashhhh for the future
-get a job?
-read a book
-clean/organize room
-visit family (:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

^ Pressed pigments I got from swapping
Colors are: deep blue green, vanilla, teal, &violet

Shadowy lady look I did.. doesn't show up as much but :[ i tried..

^Depotted the eyeshadows below (: the well-plumed palette I believe

Well-plumed eyes: well-plumed, shroom, espresso, courage